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When she says Goodbye – A Truth Story

What You Gonna Do When She Says GoodBye?

What You Gonna Do?

What You Gonna Do?

So…Ms. Harmonica has been traveling carefree for several months now, on the back of a motorcycle, sometimes on the infamous German Autobahn…sometimes on the village trails and back roads of the not so distant past eastern block countries that were once verboten to us all. But, it has been an amazing adventure, and she has met some wonderful people, taken some stunning photos and discovered that by far, people are pretty much the same. Everyone wants/needs the same things. Food, shelter, friends, warmth and love. Not ONCE did she run into someone that craved violence, desired blood, destruction, the fall of a nation or nations or grief and sorrow. People were helpful, happy to see her and hear her play, and grateful that she was there. This little American chick, with the big voice, the captivating personality, just spreading the joy of music with her little harmonica in hand, and blowing them away with her talent. The power of music…

Now… she traveled, on motorcycle, from Netherlands, through Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia all the way to Split, Croatia….and was playing in little bars, staying in small local hotels (not big corporate hotels), and she was embraced. This was an American…that treated the locals with grace and dignity, was curious and appreciative about their culture, and in return, they loved her! And again…she picked up her harmonica, played it…and left them all with memories that required them to ask her to please return and visit again. The power of music... Her Mama Maria…done good!

And then, Nov. 13th…we all sat stunned and watched with horror as the senseless carnage unfolded in Paris. Another in a series of illogical and brutal murders of innocent people. Syria, Iraq, the Russian Airliner over Egypt, Turkey, Africa, Lebanon, Israel… really? Human Lives…gone… for what? I’ll tell you why. Think of it this way… This is how DUMB it really is, because it is NOT about any kind of religious ideal… do NOT get sucked into that… they are using that as a front. And…they change the rules of their own so-called religion all the time…so, pffft on that! But, let’s talk about how silly their thinking is. It’s about as basic as if I were to say: “It’s a cloudy day”…and you disagree and say, “It’s partly sunny”. So that disagreement is enough for these hot heads and their misplaced pride to go stabbing each other and inciting others to do the same. Brilliant! And it’s been going on for hundreds of years….. GET OVER IT!

But…oh…let’s just not pick on our Middle Eastern and African friends. Oh no. One only has to listen to the news and be thoroughly floored by what’s going on in our own US of A. Good News: A 4th year medical student rushes to the aid of a woman who is being dragged away by an assailant in New Orleans. Med student is able to free woman…assailant pulls gun and demands money from the Med student…Med student states he has none. Bad News: Assailant shoots Med student in the stomach. Med student falls to the ground. Assailant attempts to shoot Med student not once, but twice, but the gun jams. Good News: Assailant is arrested…he’s 18 years old. really? PARENTS? WHAT’S GOING ON? Tonights Local News: Not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 gang shootings in Santa Maria, CA, USA. One leaves a 17 y.o. gang member dead. really? PARENTS? WHAT’S GOING ON?

But..ya know… it’s not just the parents fault. When you watch TV…watch some of our so called “leaders”, people who we are supposed hold to a higher degree of awe and respect…we watch them lie, fudge on facts, cheat their customers, blow stuff out of proportion to further their agenda, throw other people under the bus with total disregard for the outcome… there IS no R-E-S-P-E-C-T for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. It’s appalling. So, who are the role models anymore? It’s got to be confusing!

But folks, we have it within each and every one of us to take it back. When we watched the mayhem unfold in Paris…we also watched beauty unfold. We watched a gentleman from Germany pack up his grand piano and drive it to Paris, unload it in the plaza…just so he could play John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Everyone joined in and sang along. The power of music….

The wonderful Irish band U-2 was rehearsing in Paris when the shooting unfolded…they cancelled their dates in Paris…but, they all showed up to pay their respects. The power of music…Ms. Harmonica and I have a friend that is a member of the U-2 entourage…who was giving us the blow by blow updates as they came through French TV in Paris. A network of friends and musicians, worried for his safety along with the rest of the citizens of Paris. The power of music…

Other musician friends of mine in Paris were all networking to check in…or find someone who knew someone else, to see if “X” was OK…and report back. The power of music…

We watched also, brave Muslims (yes I said that), some of them recent Syrian immigrants, go to the same square and start a “hugging” campaign, many holding signs that said (sic) “I am Muslim, I am not a terrorist” or “I am Muslim, Free Hugs” or something along those lines. People were crying, total strangers were hugging each other. Christians, Jews, Muslims…you name it. Power of PEACE…Power of Forgiveness…Power of LOVE. (can you imagine how scary that must have been?)

We need to take back the power of sanity… respect…love and dignity. The right to think for ourselves…and find facts for ourselves. I read and hear so much rhetoric on Facebook and the news it’s like…can’t anyone have a unique thought? Does everyone just drop their dime in and get their thought for the day? It angered me at first…now if it wasn’t so dangerous…it would be comical.

But turn off the talking heads…turn on some music. Read a book… Listen to your hearts… Meditate…Think about what kind of world YOU would want for yourself, YOUR children…heck even your dog! And make it happen! Find facts out for yourself…don’t depend on someone else’s interpretation or regurgitated hyperbole (or hysteria). And like the people Ms. Harmonica encountered in those little villages…who AREN’T sitting in front of a 54″ flat screen listening to war mongering know-it-all’s…

Create the world you want to live in.

All we are saying… is give PEACE a chance…

Love all y’all… Peace out…


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