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Walk and Play – A Truth Story

Atascadero Lake, CA

Today I did my daily walk around the quaint Atascadero, CA town lake. I then sat on my favorite bench where I paused for a meditation of thoughts. I had an interesting conversation with all my inner selves….my soul, mind and body. My soul is a free spirit, with an eternal light that will never cease to exist and lives in the now and forever. My mind and body, however, know they are on limited time, full of fear of the unknowing, and worry about the inevitable of this life’s end, and whether I have accomplished what I was supposed to do. In the end there was an agreement between them and this was agreed…DO THE BEST YOU CAN DO AND BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE.

                       Do the best you can Do and Be the best you can Be. 

Atascadero Lake, CA

Having said that…

There are 2 things I love about life. I love to walk and I love to be creative. I have walked an enormous portion of this earth! 57 countries, thus far, and walking makes me feel good, builds strength and keeps me healthy. It makes me see things I would not normally see, and gets me to slow down and stop to observe life and all its beauty, and of course, smell the flowers! My other grace is being creative in both my music and my art. My art is a combination of iconography and recycled items from all parts of the world and is where my formal education comes into play. But what really moves my spirit is my Harmonica. Yes, I am a woman that plays a Lee Oskar Harmonica and have been playing for over 40 something years now. And yes, there are many women who play and play well!

Atascadero Lake, CA
I have traveled far and wide around mother earth, with harp in hand, and played to the masses anywhere and everywhere I went. It relaxes me. It relaxes them. It gives joy and dance to all. My tiny little instrument, may have lost some of its popularity, due to the digital electronics age, but it can be carried in my pocket and played at any time, giving it something that every traveler loves….LIVE MUSIC NOW….at the boardwalk, the party, the street corner, the sailboat, the pyramids, the castle, the motorcycle, the cruise ship, the bike, the EVERYTHING! OH, and it is a real instrument! Anyone can learn. Anyone can enjoy the love it brings to everybody that loves music and making friends! You will make friends faster than ever on the road because THAT is what it was made for!

Atascadero Lake, CA

My soul, my mind and my body are in sync today. I will continue to walk this earth, create art, play music and be and do the best I can. As luck would have it, Lee Oskar himself validated my playing and my goals of spreading peace and love through music, and sharing this intention with cultures from around the world. We share this common goal and the common instrument of LOVE. I feel I am on the right track to accomplishing my life’s goals in bringing joy with BIG SOUNDS from a tiny instrument and encouraging people to face their fears, hit the road of experiences and finding the grace of music in their lives. Peace out!


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