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2014 Central America, 2015 Eastern Europe and 2016 started in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bali, Singapore and Japan! 57 countries now!

HEY EVERYBODY, Ms Harmonica here….Here is a brief history on how this Project began and with update as I travel along ~ so stayed ‘in TUNE’ for the next musical adventure for 2017…I am so going South of the border!

My Backstory began when I sold off my home and belongings in May 2014 and began my world travel! I have since done some Long Distance Motorcycle Travel and some Residential Traveling through 25 countries (going strong at 57 countries now).

In April of 2015 I met up with my British travel friend Mr. Mark in his native land (after months living in Italy) and we journeyed through England via his BMW motorcycle from Stonehenge to as far South as Lands End…and it was GRAND! So we put our heads together and decided to travel through Eastern Europe in the fall. In September of 2015 I flew to Amsterdam where I met up with my travel buddy Mr. Mark (coming directly by motorcycle from his home in Southern England) and in 2 months we did 15 countries and about 4,000 miles all by Motorcycle and it was FREAKING AWESONE! When we arrived in Split, Croatia, Mr. Mark continued traveling North and return back to his home land prepping for his next adventure to India. I rented an apartment for 5 weeks in Split and remained happily beach side. He was a super experienced driver and I have to say….YOU NEED TO BE, to navigate through so many countries, roads, maps and crazy drivers that think road signs are just SUGGESTIONS!!

Mr. Mark got me all the way to Croatia safely, and for that I give a big 
THANK YOU and Safe Journey traveling abroad! Tally Ho Old Chap!

I celebrated the 2016 New Year in Vicenza, Northern Italy with family and musician friends and we JAMMED all night until after the ‘midnight celebration’ then head to the main square that was packed with a couple thousand people and a giant DJ booth. EVERYONE was dancing and singing and enjoying the tremendous celebration! What a great way to break into 2016…2+0+1+6 = 9 ~ a very lucky number!!

I spent the 2015 winter holidays in Italy and have traveled to Ancona, Prato, Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Padova, Asiago, Vicenza, Venice, and Verona! I returned back to lovely Split, Croatia for the month of February…I love the ocean and the wonderful people and musicians I have met there. I just can’t get enough of Croatia and prices are very rea$onable as well…A MUST GO! I took some fabulous side trips to Rovinj, Zagreb,Trogir, Omis, Kliss and Solin and explored lots of old ruins!  Although I didn’t make it this time to ZADAR where the GIANT SEA HARMONICA resides…do check out my link below to it!


In April 2016 I head out on a wonderful tour of Asia….Bali, Singapore and Japan where I hit some great jams! WOW so many fantastic musicians and incredibly nice people. I was really impressed how well I was received and welcomed into the hearts and homes of those cultures. Everyone should experience a piece of Asia and EAT EAT EAT and JAM JAM JAM and partake in live music events and BREAK THOSE CULTURAL BARRIERS!

After my unbelievable journey to Asia, I returned back to Europe and JamTrotted through Italy, Slovenia and Croatia!  I got to jam in the Zagreb International Blues Festival, be interviewed on the BLUESOTEKA RADIO SHOW in Split and sit in with COUNTRY STRIKE in Brezice, Slovenia plus lots of other musicians and new friends….ahhhhh, music lives in my soul and jumps at the chance to connect with jammers around the world, even at home!

It’s now August 2016 and my temporary housing is in Central California!  I am continuing my research on getting my EU passport via my Italian grandparents and working on where I am going next this January 2017. I am hoping I will spend some time in Mexico and Belize, South America (not sure where but perhaps Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Chile), Western Europe like Portugal and Spain and even Iceland is a thought!  Then it’s over to Southern Italy and Sicily and across to Croatia…looking forward to seeing my jam friends there! This time I hope to be gone for 12 months or longer.

I have been writing some pretty Laughable Stories, Travel Observations, Travel Tips, Residential Living and Travel Stories….you can find blog posts under Categories or the top menu. Jams are posted with photos under the menu link of Jam Sessions!  Around the world I go with my Lee Oskar Harp in hand baby! Enjoy the photos below…

Always a song in my heart,  Ms Harmonica


Thanks for stopping by! Lots of updates coming soon…


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