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All of this happens within the time ittook to read the last few sentences. The default assump-tion is usually no interaction among the chemicals; that is, inthe absence of evidence to the contrary, the chemicals areassumed to act independently—each neither enhancing norreducing the effect of the others

The default assump-tion is usually no interaction among the chemicals; that is, inthe absence of evidence to the contrary, the chemicals areassumed to act independently—each neither enhancing norreducing the effect of the others. If at any time there is concern the patient is“not right,” the chest is evacuated! It takes very little time for respiratory collapse tooccur if there is build up of air or fluid in the thorax. Smoking cessation is wellstudied and has been shown to decrease cardiacevents from 7% to 47% in those without known CHDas well as a decreased risk of developing CVD overtime (18,23,25). These grooves mark the anterior limitof both the retina and the choroid.

Jam Portland, Oregon USA ROCK HARD

The Renegade Rock Jam I have jammed at a lot of clubs around the world, but this was my very first Metal and Grunge Rock jam. Although they have 2 jam nights (both Blues Mix and Metal), I only had the time to attend the Metal Bash and it was a high energy jam with […]

Jam Portland, Oregon USA DUFF’S GARAGE

With all the clubs for jammers in Portland, Oregon, I think Duff’s has always been a bit more Upscale in patrons and talent. They have regular concerts with touring musicians that are prominent in their genre and being such a quaint place, you always have the opportunity to meet them famous folk after the show. […]


It seems this jam has been going on for years and years…just like the Host ASHBOLT, he never ages! I have met, played and partied with some of the best talent in Portland and from everywhere around the USA and even a few from overseas. Montavilla Station is in the Montavilla area, one of Portland’s hoods […]

OREGON USA Observations

Oregon’s landscape is dense evergreen and deciduous forests and colorful plethora of wild edible berries, mushrooms and other natural herbs. The majestic volcano-studded Cascade Range is on one side and the high desert prairie and meadows of the Great Basin on the other side. At 11,249 feet (3,429 m), the ‘very visible from a distance’ Mount Hood […]

Walk and Play – A Truth Story

Today I did my daily walk around the quaint Atascadero, CA town lake. I then sat on my favorite bench where I paused for a meditation of thoughts. I had an interesting conversation with all my inner selves….my soul, mind and body. My soul is a free spirit, with an eternal light that will never […]

ENGLAND Observations Part 1

My feelings about England…hmmm…it’s either a smaller version of America or America is a larger version of England (the latter more likely since they rode their boats over) but it’s about as close as you are going to get to our native states and language. Other than their historic buildings, a few cultural political correctness […]

MONTENEGRO Observations

If ever I was taken surprise by a country, I’d have to say MONTENEGRO (meaning Black Mountain) tops that list. I just could not believe how beautiful this place was. I knew very little about this low profile country except for a TV show I saw about a couple that moved from the USA to Montenegro […]

KOSOVO Observations

Most people have no idea where KOSOVO is on a map or what language is spoken or the history of that country. It’s complex, it’s tense and it’s poor by European standards with high unemployment, and still trying to recover from past conflicts….BUT, I have to say it has some of the most incredible Autumn Mountain Vistas I have […]

MACEDONIA Observations

Straight from the border of Greece, myself and my motorcycle driver and ‘Brit friend’ Mark, drove right into MACEDONIA with the color palette of fall beginning to glow before our eyes. An old Yugo-Citron 2CV Zastava zipped passed us rattling up a storm of dust as the driver gave us the stink eye as we […]

JAM Itami, Japan, THE STAGE

THE STAGE  ~  ITAMI, JAPAN  Like all Japanese ways, even their Jam Sessions have a twist. This Jam was geared more towards Jazz players, house band being Jazz musicians, and each jammer does one song and then the next Jammer is asked up. There is a roll sheet each player fills out and each jammer provides sheet […]


JAZZ BAR AND GRILLE  ~  SANUR, BALI, INDONESIA JAZZ BAR OF SANUR is a great place for a jam with a 2 story venue! Nice sound, right off the main road into Sanur and super staff. House band was really talented and kind and GREAT DYNAMICS and knew how to show case another musician…highly recommend when in […]


It was mysteriously foggy that late morning in the ‘Veneto Prefecture’ on my December Birthday Eve. The kind of baffling mist you see in movies where you can just see far enough to grasp what MIGHT lie ahead. I was on the ‘just warm enough’ 2nd class train heading to Venice to explore the city […]

RESIDENTIAL TRAVELING Part 2: How to prepare for living o...

RESIDENTIAL TRAVELING Part 2: How to prepare for living overseas?

Part 2: HOW DO YOU PREPARE? These are the questions I am asked ALL THE TIME…. HOW do you afford this constant travel and living overseas? HOW do you prepare for it? First of all you have to stop looking of it as ‘traveling like a tourist’ and more like ‘living like a local’. You still have […]

JAM Split, Croatia, TO JE TO PUB

SPLIT, CROATIA  ~  TO JE TO PUB This little gem sits in the heart of Old Town near the Diocletian Place and the famous Split Fish Market. They have also opened a Mexican restaurant called TO JE TACO and it’s one of the few in Split! Stop by for a Pint of local brew or […]

Top 10 things I learned traveling

TOP 10 Things I learned while traveling 1. Success does not define you by how much money you leave behind after you die. It’s how you lived and used the money you had to define and live your true self. 2. You can plan, design, organize, worry, fantasize, and contemplate all you want, but ultimately […]

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