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Jam Portland, Oregon USA ROCK HARD

fempro price The Renegade Rock Jam I have jammed at a lot of clubs around the world, but this was my very first Metal and Grunge Rock jam. Although they have 2 jam nights (both Blues Mix and Metal), I only had the time to attend the Metal Bash and it was a high energy jam with […]

Jam Portland, Oregon USA DUFF’S GARAGE

tretinoin 0.025 cream price in india With all the clubs for jammers in Portland, Oregon, I think Duff’s has always been a bit more Upscale in patrons and talent. They have regular concerts with touring musicians that are prominent in their genre and being such a quaint place, you always have the opportunity to meet them famous folk after the show. […]

OREGON USA Observations

retin a 0.1 cream canada Oregon’s landscape is dense evergreen and deciduous forests and colorful plethora of wild edible berries, mushrooms and other natural herbs. The majestic volcano-studded Cascade Range is on one side and the high desert prairie and meadows of the Great Basin on the other side. At 11,249 feet (3,429 m), the ‘very visible from a distance’ Mount Hood […]

Jam Jacksonville, Oregon USA, J VILLE TAVERN!

prescription drug sarafem J VILLE TAVERN ~ JACKSONVILLE, OREGON Located in one of Oregon’s quaint old-fashioned country towns is where you’ll find J Ville Tavern. Between the forest and the surrounding mountains, you’ll find this lovely part of Oregon that every traveler should see…if you want a feel for them good ol’days in American History. Nice Jam host, nice working […]

Jam Zagreb, Croatia, ROUTE 66

tylenol usa price ROUTE 66 ~ ZAGREB, CROATIA Centrally located in the heart of Beautiful Zagreb is the ROUTE 66 where you’ll find a nice big outdoor patio with trees and the inside bar area and an additional area with a stage and extra seating. I attended a sweet acoustic jam that had good attendance and accomplished musicians […]


JAZZ BAR AND GRILLE  ~  SANUR, BALI, INDONESIA JAZZ BAR OF SANUR is a great place for a jam with a 2 story venue! Nice sound, right off the main road into Sanur and super staff. House band was really talented and kind and GREAT DYNAMICS and knew how to show case another musician…highly recommend when in […]

JAM Padova, Italy ZU-BAR CAFE

ZU-BAR CAFE  ~  PADOVA, ITALY This is a nice place tucked behind some large buildings in a nice quiet location with a BIG courtyard and nice size patio. It has 3 sections that you can access and the jam is in the middle area. I imagine the summer would be wonderful in the patio sunshine. […]

JAM Split, Croatia, TO JE TO PUB

SPLIT, CROATIA  ~  TO JE TO PUB This little gem sits in the heart of Old Town near the Diocletian Place and the famous Split Fish Market. They have also opened a Mexican restaurant called TO JE TACO and it’s one of the few in Split! Stop by for a Pint of local brew or […]

JAM Amsterdam, Netherlands, BOURBON STREET

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS  ~  BOURBON STREET RHYTHM & BLUES Although I was not able to make this jam because of conflicting travel dates, it got great reviews! This seemed like a decent neighborhood and a cool venue from the outside. I didn’t have a chance to go in, but was a central location within the tourist zone…contact […]

JAM Novi Sad, Serbia LAZINO TELE

NOVI SAD, SERBIA ~ LAZINO TELE This bar has Jam Sessions on and off, but continual live music weekly, so be sure to check their website information. I got to sit in with a super local band called TRIANGLE….seasoned musicians playing a mix of music! Although I had missed their jam, sometimes locals are just cool […]


BUDAPEST, HUNGARY  ~  SZIMPLA KERTMOZI You walk into this place and pOW bANG bAM it’s full of all kinds of crazy stuff! Although I missed this jam by a couple days, I decided to check out this JamJoint and see what all the hoopla was about. The semi in and semi out club (the only […]

JAM Bratislava, Slovakia, THE FLAME

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA  ~  THE FLAME I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS JAM and the host JOHN (from England) was fabulous and put the most equipment and preparation into this jam than any I have ever attended. The number of guitars and percussion and pedals was awesome…anyone could just walk in and play without having to haul their rig! JAMTROTTERS love that! It was a […]

JAM Prague, Czech Republic, U MALEHO GLENDA

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC  ~  U MALEHO GLENDA Talk about talented Jazz Musicians, W O W! Although this JamJoint is open to all kinds of jammers, it seems the majority were into Jazz and super professional. The crowd was a mix of all nationalities. The downstairs basement is the jam area and the top floor is […]

Why go to a Jam or Open Mic – A Jam Story

WHY Go To A JAM or OPEN MIC? I will tell you WHY… Open Mics and Jams are similar with a bit of overlap and sometimes as the night progress they can merge into the same path, but for this article I’ll give a brief description of the two. Typically an OPEN MIC setting does not carry […]

Jam up and Jelly Tight – A Jam Story

JAM UP…Jelly Tight… So you’ve never been to a Jam before? Thinking of hitting one up? One of the observations that I’ve noticed in my many forays into the “jam world” is that you seem to find the same cast of characters just about everywhere you go. I think you will too! CAVEAT: This list […]