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It isrecommended that intake of polyunsaturated fat should belimited to 10% of calorie intake, though there is lack of evidenceto support this. The level of anaesthesia does notchange with change of posture (becomes fixed)after 10 min.

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These include general screening tests (asking clients tocover one ear at a time to see how well they hear words spokenat various volumes and respond to other sounds); tuning forktests (to differentiate types of hearing loss); and audiometertests (completed by an audiologist).

ENGLAND Observations Part 1

My feelings about England…hmmm…it’s either a smaller version of America or America is a larger version of England (the latter more likely since they rode their boats over) but it’s about as close as you are going to get to our native states and language. Other than their historic buildings, a few cultural political correctness […]

MONTENEGRO Observations

If ever I was taken surprise by a country, I’d have to say MONTENEGRO (meaning Black Mountain) tops that list. I just could not believe how beautiful this place was. I knew very little about this low profile country except for a TV show I saw about a couple that moved from the USA to Montenegro […]

KOSOVO Observations

Most people have no idea where KOSOVO is on a map or what language is spoken or the history of that country. It’s complex, it’s tense and it’s poor by European standards with high unemployment, and still trying to recover from past conflicts….BUT, I have to say it has some of the most incredible Autumn Mountain Vistas I have […]

SLOVENIA Observations

BAM went the tire, dang it….a flat….and that is the first thing that happened the minute we arrived in Slovenia across the border from Zagreb, Croatia! HOWEVER along came Prince Charming and he not only stopped and fixed our tire but I even got a picture of him with my world traveling friend Kathy in her mandatory ‘road side’ glowing vest!! […]

Jam Zagreb, Croatia, ROUTE 66

ROUTE 66 ~ ZAGREB, CROATIA Centrally located in the heart of Beautiful Zagreb is the ROUTE 66 where you’ll find a nice big outdoor patio with trees and the inside bar area and an additional area with a stage and extra seating. I attended a sweet acoustic jam that had good attendance and accomplished musicians […]

ONE LOVE Passport – True Story in Letter Form

ONE LOVE Passport – is a true story (in letter format) about a lost and found Passport and how kindness unites people all over the world! *Please note…Two letters and names have been altered to protect the innocent! Dear Ms Harmonica, My name is S, and I’m writing you this email on behalf of my parents T & […]

MACEDONIA Observations

Straight from the border of Greece, myself and my motorcycle driver and ‘Brit friend’ Mark, drove right into MACEDONIA with the color palette of fall beginning to glow before our eyes. An old Yugo-Citron 2CV Zastava zipped passed us rattling up a storm of dust as the driver gave us the stink eye as we […]

Lavatory – Laughable Toilet Story

T O I L E T – everyone’s chair of relief!! A large bowl connected to a drain system of which you use when depositing urine or waste from your body. Some say the toilet was invented by Mr. Thomas Crapper of England…when one day his wife got sick of him taking dumps in the kitchen sink….true or false, don’t know, […]

JAM Zagreb, Croatia, HARD PLACE

HARD PLACE  ~  ZAGREB, CROATIA Nice big stage with lots of room to move around. The club parts in 2 areas; one side for dancing and the other for ‘sit and drink’ plus a small patio out front. When in Zagreb, check it out and have a jam! And a big shout out to Buna Davor Buncic for […]

Glamor of Travel – A Truth Story

“Travel is glamorous only in retrospect.” ― Paul Theroux I am uncomfortably sitting here, In Split, Croatia looking out of my second story kitchen window with dismay…I am missing my Dalmatian Sun! Today my view is a weathered sky with a heavy gray mist over the Adriatic sea. It’s rather dark and dreary similar to a […]

CROATIA Observations

STOP……WAIT……just HEAR what I have to say……CROATIA is stupendous! Dear Readers, Please forget about your dated misconceptions and presumptions about the misfortunes and casualties this country faced during it’s last war. It’s been over two decades now…GET OVER IT!! Most of what the newspapers shared was like in any media, played out for ratings and the […]

Lumberjack Mosquitos – Laughable Story of Rhythm

Being a night owl has it’s comical perks. Sometimes on the rare occasion you get a giant stomach crumpling belly laugh that makes you buckle over and sends you into a flowing river of laughing tears! Last night was one of those *rare* occasions! The night got Ripe pretty quickly on! But man what a killer view […]

ITALY Observations

Ahhhh che Bello! If ever I could pick the name of my fantasy lover, truly his name would be ITALY. I have fallen deeply and madly in love with this country and can feel it’s blood coursing through my ‘green, white and red’ veins and into my wildly beating soccer shaped heart. For the first time in my […]

Mint Shoes – Laughable Story of Floss

You know how sometimes people say the strangest things…you listen giving them the benefit of the doubt until they mow you over like a lawn mower and you just have to stop, drop and belly laugh with WTF hanging off your lips…but nothing comes out cause you are foaming at the mouth with laughter. Well here […]

Gold One – Laughable Condom Story

I was having one of those in depth conversations with a local Italian friend “Nik” about languages and how words from all over the world are transformed into uses for other languages, and how Italians are notorious for this. We both had a good laugh about it when he chuckled out loud and began to […]

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