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‘Open In Emergency’ document packet

Emergency envelopeBefore I ever leave my home, I make sure my BUDDY CONTACT (a person that will handle any emergency for you) has a SEALED ENVELOPE with the following contents inside. I have used this on one occasion and man was I happy I had made the copies and left it to someone I trusted!! My Buddy Contact had to UPS what I needed from my Emergency Envelope to HONG KONG!!!


  • 1 ~ Copy of Transportation tickets
  • 1 ~ Copy of Trip Itinerary/flight confirmation/key phone numbers
  • 1 ~ Color Copy of Credit Cards/travelers checks/checks
  • 1 ~ Color Copy of any Entry Visa (and paperwork required)
  • 1 ~ Color Photocopy – first page in Passport and 2nd ID (driver’s license) placed together on the same page
  • 1 ~ Color Copy – Personal Identification Record – PIR*
  • 1 ~ Copy of Personal Medical Card*
  • 1 ~ Copy of Event reservations
  • 1 ~ Copy of Trip cancelation insurance
  • 1 ~ Copy of Health Insurance for home and abroad
  • 1 ~ Copy of Medical information or files/labs and doctor names/numbers
  • 1 ~ Copy of Prescriptions from Pharmacy and/or Doctor
  • 1 ~ Copy of Lodging reservations
  • 1 ~ Copy of Frequent Flyer Awards cards
  • Extra set of Keys to your car or home
  • 1 ~ Copy of a list of your codes (in a cryptic form only you’ll remember) for cell/laptop/debt cards/bank/bill pay etc.
  • 1 ~ Copy of Names and address of friends you may visit traveling
  • 1 ~ Copy of Family names and numbers
  • 1 ~ Copy of ANY item of importance you need to take
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