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ONE LOVE Passport – True Story in Letter Form

the Saved ONE LOVE passportONE LOVE Passport – is a true story (in letter format) about a lost and found Passport and how kindness unites people all over the world!
*Please note…Two letters and names have been altered to protect the innocent!

Dear Ms Harmonica,

My name is S, and I’m writing you this email on behalf of my parents T & M, our family in Israel and in the USA.

As you probably know, about 2 weeks ago, my parents faced a traumatic experience abroad, and lost my father’s travel documents while traveling in Europe. unfortunately, later on they learned that my father was pick pocketed while touring a market in Zagreb.

My parents explained to me that when you and your friend found my father’s passport, you stopped touring, in order to place a call to the Israeli consul in person, and reported the finding of the lost document. Shortly after, you also met the consul, to return it safely to the right hands.

My family and I are very grateful and thankful for your generosity, empathy, compassion, and humane behavior towards my parents, and we are very touched by how exceptionally kind you were.

Thanks to you, my parents were safe again, and were able to join their tour group immediately.

We appreciate your judgment, assessing the difficult situation my parents faced, and your kindness towards them. It is not taken for granted that human beings will get out of their way so much towards a person they don’t even know, and for that we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We wish you, your family, and friends, a wonderful summer and fun trips in the future !!


S, T & M

Dearest S, T & M,

Oh my goodness what a kind letter you wrote me…I hope you don’t mind, but I shared it with my friends because it was so thoughtful and brought tears to all of our eyes in this time of turmoil around the world! My motto ONE LOVE.

I wanted to share the story on how we found the little blue pouch.  My American friend lives just above the restaurant and market area in Zagreb. We left her apartment and began the long trek down the common stairs that run along her apartment to the main restaurant street area. Many people use these stairs daily…they are wood and underneath is just dirt from the hillside. As we were walking down, from the corner of my eye I noticed something blue but didn’t stop at that time being we were preparing for my good-bye party after 10 months of travel around the world! My last stop was Zagreb before returning back to CA where I am today!

On the way back, once again the bright blue pouch caught my eye and this time I knew I had to stop (many many people use these stairs everyday!) I had to get down on my knees and crawl down with my whole body to reach the blue pouch which was soaking wet from the rain the last couple days. I knew as soon as I opened it, that it was important. Being a world traveler I could only imagine the fright of lost documents (BTW tell M to keep his copies separated from his originals next time! One at home and another in the suitcase). It is so unusual to get ANY pick-pocket or thief in Croatia…it’s my FAV place because of just that, so I figured it must have been dropped somehow but there are bad people everywhere so you always have to be on guard.

I quickly began my search for a consulate number on-line and once I found it the message was in Israeli and just hung up, lol!!! I tried several times but would NOT GIVE UP (we almost drove there)….so on my 3rd try I began pushing all the numbers and to my surprise the consulate lady answered her cell and I was able to explain the situation and in fact she was on her way to meet M and we were close enough for them to drive near us for a pickup (my friends street was under construction so we had to walk a few blocks to meet the consulate). The funny part is that my friend, whom is the VP for US consulate children schools had actually met the lady consulate at a party a few weeks ago….small world!!!

Anyway, the mystery is solved, all parties involved are happy and the world is a better place knowing kindness lurks at every STEP….and even under the steps! Thank you so much for the kind words. I left my little card so you would know who I was because my message traveling has been about sharing peace and love through music by breaking cultural boundaries and finding that little blue pouch was the perfect ending to my journey.

Much love across the world,

Ms Harmonica


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  1. Kathy Stetson Kathy Stetson
    June 30, 2016    

    One Love for certain. The world is a better place because of you.

    • July 3, 2016    

      Thanks Kathy! What a nice thing to say!! Much love from my heart to yours….ONE LOVE

    • August 15, 2017    

      Thank you Kathy….I so appreciate the time we got to listen and sing at the local jams in Zagreb and Split Croatia!! Love to all!!