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Monitoring of cerebral oxygen metabolism in the jugularbulb: reliability of unilateral measurements in severe head injury. Thioridazine A low potency phenothiazinehaving marked central anticholinergic action.Incidence of extrapyramidal side effects is verylow

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Being a night owl has it’s comical perks. Sometimes on the rare occasion you get a giant stomach crumpling belly laugh that makes you buckle over and sends you into a flowing river of laughing tears! Last night was one of those *rare* occasions! The night got Ripe pretty quickly on! But man what a killer view of the Adriatic! Oh my…

Kavana, Ovcice

I headed out to my wonderful friend Vera’s coffee and liquor club called KAVANA OVCICE in Split, Croatia…it sits right on the waterfront of the Adriatic Sea with the kind of picture perfect postcard view that everyone wants when visiting a foreign country. I go there often in the mornings for a nice cup of Joe and an ocean breeze. Sometimes I meet up for coffee with my good friend and fellow Harp Player and local DJ, Lovre. GO check this place out!

Kavana Ovcice

Vera’s club hosts live concerts and jam sessions and was having a Live Concert with a touring band from Zagreb, Croatia called BREAKDOWN. Young rockers with a great start in their field!. I got there early to secure a seat up close and try to avoid the chain smokers by sitting next to a series of windows in hopes of getting a seeping leak of fresh air. That’s my biggest complaint about Croatia…the clubs don’t need fog machines to be foggy cause the cigarette smoke does it naturally. NOTE To Self: return home, take off clothes and put directly in washer machine to avoid the stink. lol

Breakdown Band and the Cute Photographer

Breakdown Band and the Cute Photographer

Once the concert got underway, the hired ‘young & attraactive’ local photographer made his way towards the stage and found a little cubbyhole of space next to me where he took most of his shots during the evenings event. On the other side of me was a very interesting character…a large ‘dated’ robust colorful ROCKER hippie, with longish wavy brillo grayish brown hair, Jimi Hendrix headband, army boots, jean pants and shirt with vest and odd pattern colorful tie, and policeman style sunglasses with Fly Eye lenses. He looked time warped right out of Woodstock! An obvious rocker of sorts I was thinking to myself, and apparently the cute photographer was thinking, and probably everyone else in the club was thinking, just saying.

At one point the band hit a hard down beat and began clapping to the rhythm of that beat, in sync, and was trying to encourage the crowd to take the liberty of joining in – one clap at a time. AND THAT’S when IT happened. Once in a while IT happens. You are not sure if IT is the alcohol, or hearing problems or well, you just aren’t sure…so you wait…and wait… to see if IT changes and when you have exhausted your mental capacity of WHY’S, HOW’S AND IF’S…you give in. yOU sURRENDER. How is IT possible, you ask yourself?

My talented harmonica playing friend Louvre didn't miss a thing...

My talented harmonica playing friend Louvre didn’t miss a thing…

Now I am in NO WAY perfect. And I have not one unkind thing to say about this retired colorful rocker hippie that was so IMMENSELY enjoying himself more than anyone in the room, but I just couldn’t help myself and at some point I just busted out in a laughter that I honestly would have liked to bottle up and sell.

I laughed at myself, at him and at life... and the cruelty of the 
rhythm of music for the folks that have

N O  R h y t h m n
what-so-ever in their blood

He, the poor rocker, had not one beat of rhythm left in him. His clapping was not timed…a delayed reaction and a fast forward combination, a hesitant and a slapstick, and the more he LOUDLY clapped the more the band had to pay attention to their own clapping to stay in sync. And as I surveyed around the room, it seems everyone started having the same issue listening and watching him and trying to sync THEIR OWN clap…you just couldn’t look away. It was like a bad car accident and all the traffic slowed down to get just one tiny glimpse…yet you really want to look away and yet you can’t seem to pull your eyes off the scene. And then old rocker hipster threw in the ‘ELAINE’ dance from Seinfeld’s TV show and suddenly IT hit everybody. I could see the bewilderment in everyone’s face. “Hmmmm, should I watch THAT, should I clap now, or in 5 seconds or do I follow him, or that guy over there, or the band or …..?” The more the hippie LOUDLY clapped and danced the more I belly busted all by myself, trying so hard to hold it in! That’s when the cute photographer leaned into me and said into my ear “My car starter has better rhythm then that guy” and I nearly spit out my drink! “Is he trying to swat mosquitoes? He looks like a Lumber Jack trying to Swat Mosquitoes. Each of his hand claps in the air looks as if he is trying to swat mosquitoes…L O O K!” and sure enough IT looked exactly like that…one mosquito at a time…the perfect analogy! I wondered if at first IT was years of drugs and his motorskills were a bit O F F, but oh no, the cute photographer had an antidote for that too. “It isn’t from drugs, look, he has a belly, and he is drinking beer in a glass with ice!” and sure enough, he was. Then the cute photographer leans in closer to me and says “I wish I had whatever he has, because of all the people in here, HE is having the most fun and he doesn’t even realize the rest of us are having fun just watching him”!

We need more people like you in the world!

We need more people like you in the world! Photo by: Marino Zeljkovic

THANK YOU MR ROCKER HIPPIE, YOU ARE MY ROCKSTAR whoever you are…for it was YOU that inspired a Laughable Story for my blog. I do not mean to berate you, because YOU, my forever hippie entertainer, are A MAGNIFICENT CREATURE and there needs to be more free spirited, I don’t give a sh*t people on this earth plane, because there is nothing plain or simple about YOU! With the up-most respect…I honor you.

And SPECIAL THANKS to the young Cute Photographer Marino Zeljkovic for busting my chops with his cunning wit and for the sly shot of Mr Hippie he captured for me. You don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, you wear it under your shirt with Earphones and a beat, lol! wink

Ms Harmonica with honest and sincere HEART! I LOVE CROATIA…


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  1. WOW – that is just hilarious….I was there, every second of the story… clap……. clap……… clap, clap, clap……

    What a great message to us all! We all march to our own beat….. and as long as we are bringing love, joy, & laughter to the world – WHY NOT? Suck it up – and laugh out load.

    • DARN right!!! I so agree…..I had the biggest smile walking back to my flat that night, with the stars above and a story in my head. Life, sometimes, gives you gifts if only we can look at another perspective of it and SEE with new eyes? Clap…..clap clap……………..clap! Got IT

  2. LaLa Lizelle LaLa Lizelle
    February 15, 2016    best place to order accutane online

    Ms. H… It is obvious… Elvis has NOT left the room!!!

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Buy accutane with paypal - Buy accutane from india

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