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Lee Oskar and Ms Harmonica in Portland, Oregon

Lee Oskar and Ms Harmonica in Portland, Oregon


This LEE OSKAR HARMONICAS Campaign, LETS HEAR IT FOR THE GIRLS” is about female harmonica players inspiring future harp players, both women, men and children, about the love of a portable instrument you can take anywhere in the world and entertain new friends, old friends, family and JAMTROTTERS!

Below you will find a link for each player’s name, which will take you to LEE OSKAR HARMONICAS QUICK GUIDE website. There you will find informative videos on the four women (and also video’s on men) chosen by Lee Oskar to encourage and motivate all levels of harmonica playing. These documentary style video’s will give you insight into their professional and musical lives and the history of their playing. Each Featured Artist is talking about their lives and musical endeavors.

LINKS to “Featured Artists” Documentary Videos by Lee Oskar Harmonicas

Ms Harmonica “Doctor C” and The Traveling Harmonica


Laura Reed “I Be’s Troubled”


Kellie Rucker “Blues Is Blues”


Sofie Reed “One Day”




For those of you that don’t know Lee Oskar, this legendary harmonica player was an early creator of the Latin and soul fusion sound. He was an original band member of the band WAR for over 30 years! Lee was a creative member that wrote and recorded many of their top hits. He also performed hits like “Why can’t we be friends”, “Summer”, “The world is a Ghetto”, “Low Rider”, “Slipping Into Darkness”, and “The Cisco Kid”.

Lee’s innovative style playing harmonica as a lead instrument is instantly recognizable. Lee surrounds himself with top level musicians from the Seattle area and their shows are always a delight. Lee has regularly composed, produced, conducted, and performed with other artists and his music has been used for dozens of films and television shows.

Lee Oskar Lowrider Band

LOWRIDER BAND photo by: jerryandloisphotography.com

Lee continues to perform with the Lowrider Band which includes many of his former original band mates and Lee Oskar & Friends have played regularly in Seattle and other areas and at many charitable events. He began making his awesome harmonica’s back in the early 1980’s and I have been playing them for as long as he has been making them! You can find him touring often all over the world.

Don't miss a show, cause man LEE OSKAR can play a mean harmonica!
A few of Lee Oskar Products

A few of Lee Oskar Products

A signed/engraved harmonica from
Ms Harmonica and lots of other cool Lee Oskar Harmonicas items!

LeeOskar_Ms-Harmonica-Front LeeOskar_Ms-Harmonica-Back

Just ask Ms Harmonica at any jam for a LEE OSKAR HARMONICAS POSTCARD and follow the directions or visit
or mail a note saying you got this info from
THE TRAVELING HARMONICA website and send to:

PO BOX 2210
Everett, WA  98213 USA 


  1. Vratislav Klemera (your Czech bass player from London) Vratislav Klemera (your Czech bass player from London)
    September 21, 2015    

    Had a great time playing with Ms Harmonica u Maleho Glena Prague ( I am her Czech bass player from London). Can not scan the QR code but you see me in her pictures from Prague playing a 5 string white Fender Jazz Bass I happened to borough earlier (I normaly play a six string Dingwalls, great bases indeed!) but it is almost impossible to take a bass guitar safely on any plane!
    I wish her a great rest of the tour, Vratislav aka The Bouncing Czech.

    • January 21, 2016    

      Ciao….YES what a fun time jamming together. Maybe I can go to your jam in London some day! If you are talking about the QR code on the post care…you can send it by mail or go to the website and sign on that way! Good luck on your travels BOUNCING CZECH!! Cheers, Ms Harmonica!

  2. Nancy Blue Nancy Blue
    September 9, 2015    

    You should talk to Lee about getting T-shirts made to sell for “Let’s hear it for the Girls” – just a thought!

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