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Lavatory – Laughable Toilet Story

T O I L E T – everyone’s chair of relief!!

A large bowl connected to a drain system of which you use when depositing urine or waste from your body.
Japanese public restroom

Japanese public restroom- very electronic!

Some say the toilet was invented by Mr. Thomas Crapper of England…when one day his wife got sick of him taking dumps in the kitchen sink….true or false, don’t know, don’t care but funny as hell!! Some say it was invented 50 years before he was born and that Mr. Crapper was just a plumber who may have installed toilets! Crapper comes from the English word CRAP which is any discarded refuse, junk, remains, etc. and the word CRAPPER was a term invented by American soldiers during WWI who were stationed in England. Don’t you just love how words come to be in our language!!

High Tech Japanese Toilet

High Tech Japanese Toilet with Seat Warmer and built in Bidet!

How many words can you think of for CRAPPER?

toilet, latrine, lavatory, john, the can, the pot, stool, throne, potty, commode, shitter, bathroom, the loo, pooper, restroom, outhouse, washroom, WC or water closet, the porcelain bus….feel free to add on!

More directions...

You have to love Japan for all their handy cartoon directions!


Well let me teach you a thing or two! NOT ALL TOILETS ARE THE SAME, nope, nada, not one bit! When you travel around the world you come across all kinds of shapes and sizes and sometimes they will blow your mind! From the PIT HOLE outhouse to the ELECTRONIC deluxe which the Japanese have down to a science! And then there is the European Bidet and the Bum Gun…oh boy are you in for a treat, lol!! Just follow me as I go into greater detail.

A Squat toilet up close!

A Squat toilet up close!

The typical squatter toilet

The typical squatter toilet

Anything related to the human orifices seems to be taboo to talk about, but man I wish someone had taken the time to explain how some of these bathrooms work. I often wondered if the person in the stall next to me to could hear my camera shutter click…and if they thought I was a Peeping Tom or something, haha, but I certainly did get some funny looks! I took enough pictures to give my audience a photographic self-explanation of toilet protocol bits! Just take a gander below and I think you can get a free lesson!

Photo Directions for the squatter!

Photo Directions for the squatter!

As you can see from my photos, bathrooms come in all sizes around the world….some so small you have to sit sideways to fit your legs (lots of this in Europe) or large enough to fit a family…and they will! I’ve seen everything from Kids bathrooms and Unisex bathrooms to Electronic, Handicap, Family Size, Squat and The Hole out back.  Although bathrooms in homes in Indonesia were part of the inside of the home, they had open windows to the outside and so there was no AC for the lavatory, only inside the home which made them much like a sauna. Sometimes while traveling you come across an unusual sink display like the photos shown below.

Cool Japanese Sink

Cool Japanese Sink

Modern sinks with no-touch powerful laser hand dryers...takes seconds to dry

Modern sinks with no-touch powerful laser hand dryers…takes seconds to dry with no-drip soap dispenser!

Kids BATHROOM sink

Kid’s BATHROOM…mini sink and toilets

Seperate Kids toilet in the Adult bathroom

Separate Kid’s toilet area in the Adult bathroom

Some come equipped with signs on HOW to use the toilets but who can read them in a foreign language? Most certainly you will get a chuckle from the cartoon signage posted about it! So here is your The Traveling Harmonica Lesson on HOW TO UNDERSTAND A FOREIGN TOILET….are you ready..get set..GO!

Directions on how to use the electronic buttons on the very modern Japanese toilets!

Directions on how to use the electronic buttons on the very modern Japanese toilets!

Directions on how to use the toilet seat sanitizer...they no longer use paper seat covers!

Directions on how to use the toilet seat sanitizer…they no longer use paper seat covers!

GOING PAPERLESS! New soap dispenser for toilet seats! yikes

GOING PAPERLESS! New soap dispenser for toilet seats! yikes

How to relieve yourself properly on a squat toilet!!

How to properly use a toilet and relieve yourself!!

Who has time to read all this when you have to take a Crapper? lol

Who has time to read all this when you have to take a Crapper? lol

Well my travel friends, that about sums up your lesson on toilets. I wish I had thought about this more as I traveled so I could have shared more photos, but Japan is so together with signage that I was able to pull most of my shots from there…so THANK YOU JAPAN! Sometimes it is the smallest things that intrigue you or stump you when on a journey far and wide and any bit of information can be useful…even if it’s about toilets!!

Cheers, Ms Harmonica

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  1. LaLa Lizelle LaLa Lizelle
    May 6, 2016    

    Don’t EVER want to have to use a squatter! Ugh!!

    • May 23, 2016    

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, OH WELL I AM AFRAID THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE if you travel far and wide and I have hit a couple of crappers that I am not proud to say I squatted over. You get used to it like all the other over whelming stimuli, lol!