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JAM Itami, Japan, THE STAGE


Like all Japanese ways, even their Jam Sessions have a twist. This Jam was geared more towards Jazz players, house band being Jazz musicians, and each jammer does one song and then the next Jammer is asked up. There is a roll sheet each player fills out and each jammer provides sheet music…however, I did not provide charts, being an ‘off the cuff’ Blues Musician and they were OK with just winging it! *Jammer beware* for there was a $PAY TO PLAY$ (my first!!!) fee but students were free!!! Thumbs down for that, but a nice venue and accommodating host musicians. This jam only happens a few times a year so be sure to contact the venue before you go! Sionara!

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  1. Vince farabaugh Vince farabaugh
    June 17, 2016    

    It’s really a fantastic journey that you are on (and still undertaking!) I really love the sound of the harp and bring it with me everywhere I go. Today was no exception: I brought my harmonica to the company/Town picnic and got to play for our town mayor! Hah!
    It would be great if you ever have the chance to make it out here to the east coast sometime. The blues group that I I am part of, and love to jam with, is the Archie Edwards Blues barbershop. Hopefully you and your band can make it out this way. It would wonderful to jam on harp with you and your group. Usually we play for the Veterans in the soldiers home in Maryland, but mostly jam at the shop. Would love meet you and make music. Take care and God bless you and your band. Make a joyful noise and keep sharing the spirit.
    Vince F
    Leesburg, Va.

    • July 24, 2016    

      HEY…WOULD LOVE to come jam with you sometime. I need to do a USA jam tour but love going over seas hence I usually head over the giant pond! I have no band at present. I am doing a solo thing, and it seems to be working for me so far. Hope to put a band back together if I ever settle someplace but that damn NOMAD in me keeps me moving across the world. I will look over your band and keep your area in mind. If you have a jam place that’s regular, give me a heads up and I will post it here on my site! In the mean time, I’ll put your link, shown here, under the menu JAM SESSIONS for you guys….http://www.acousticblues.com/Jams/jams.html

      Ms Harmonica 🙂