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How I met Ms Harmonica – Laughable Story

Avila Vineyards Central California, LaLa and Ms H

Avila Vineyards Central California, LaLa and Ms H

So…someone asked me….“How do you know Ms. Harmonica?”

Hmmmm… well, it really is quite a dramatic story. You see… I rescued her off the stormy Pacific shores one dark rainy night. Her boat was adrift and threatening to crash against the rocks…when I managed to wade out in the the boiling sea and grab the tow line and drag her skiff to the shore…there in the bottom of the little boat lay a cold, shivering, and very wet little bundle…covered in dark curly hair. Delirious from hours adrift on the ocean…she had no idea what was up or down much less what her name was. So… I merely helped her out of the boat and into an old quilt I kept in the trunk of my car for throwing on the ground for live concerts. With that…the next words out of her mouth were…. “where are my harmonicas!!??” To which I answered. “You play harmonica?” “Where are my harmonicas” she repeated. (a LOT more intensely)

Well…that was the beginning of a very long friendship…that has lasted until this day. True story? Well…that’s for you to decide…

Our traveling diva…will never be far from some form of transportation…nor…her harmonicas….

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