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GREECE Observations

Shhhhhhhh, l i s t e n………………….can you hear that? It’s the sound of GREECE with it’s music and dancing. It’s the Greek Gods having their way with me…stirring me up inside with feelings of music, dance, food, sites and sounds. I have fallen hard for you, My Greece. JUST ONE gaze of your beautiful coastline, rocky boulder terrain, muti-colored sunsets and glistening fall colors and I was taken to my knees. How could I have lived and traveled and not spent anytime in this lovely country? THIS I must change.

I loved your big spread of churches and your decorative family roadside shrines and prayer boxes. They could be found at every stop, in the middle of no-where, along the hillsides, by the cotton fields and the sunflowers…a reminder of awakening your Spirit. Riding the country roads, I could smell the faint aroma of apples, pomegranates, olives and grape vineyards in between the subtle ocean breezes. Orchard after orchard as far as the eye could see…like a well groomed garden filled with mother natures nourishment. I watched old weathered farmer couples harvesting their crops and riding in their wagons across the fields, with their horses, dogs, cats and cattle. I saw young sons on tractors plowing the fields and other family farm hands working the land, preparing for the next years crops. I watched your goat herders round up their flock from afar and I tasted their yogurt, cheeses and local milk when the opportunity would arise…oh what mouth watering flavors! Greece you are by far one of the most delectable countries in the world.

My mouth exploded when my tongue graced the fresh grilled calamari, fruits of the sea, baked breads and feta cheese. I savored every moment at the coastal restaurants, eating and people watching….hundreds of helmet-less mopeds zipping by and the stylish clothed family with all the latest baby ‘do-da’s’. In the distance you could see villages up on the hilltops and yahts and fishing boats in the harbors. While traveling long distances, you’d come across giant kilns that graced the sky or a village castle wall that was always such an unexpected delight. Sometimes body’s of water would pop up along the route and bright colored wild flowers would converge along the shoreline.

I can’t say that everything in your hotels was functioning or perfect, and I can’t say I didn’t miss some of the more common luxuries from back home while resting my weary bones, but would I trade ANY of that FAMILIARITY for another night in Greece, oh hell NO…YOU, Greece, are wonderful and I would LOVE to spend time in your very pretty coastal towns! Especially KAVALA, which caught my eye with it’s marina, food, castle, hilltop and ocean view. One day soon, along with some of your islands, which must be magnificent….it’s now on the bucket list, I promise! And I never break a promise. wink!

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  1. Charlie Charlie
    January 7, 2016    

    I’m jealous!

    • January 11, 2016    

      Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…don’t get your dance swagger in a twist! The world is your oyster…it is just a matter of how much you like to eat oysters! AND GREECE is full of oysters…just saying

    • July 24, 2016    

      Ahhhhh, don’t be jealous….just come along for the ride, on that Motorcycle of course! Nice to see you again…