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SLOVAKIA Observations

SLOVAKIA As we drove through Czech Republic and into SLOVAKIA there was not much of a notable difference in scenery (a very short driving distance from the border), but as you got closer to Bratislava, the country began to take on more shape. The people character differences’ with soft brown or ginger hair, shorter in height, and […]

HUNGARY Observations

HUNGARY was full of surprises…I hadn’t been there in over 15 years and I didn’t quite remember it as it is now! Before crossing the border we had to buy a permit (called Vignette) to use the hwy so always check before driving across Europe!  Czech, Germany and Netherlands were free for Motorcycles but NOT automobiles. Upon […]

CZECH Observations

CZECH REPUBLIC Dried brown Corn Fields and Sun Flower fields run together across the length of farm fields.  Lime green colored wide grassy open valleys crisscross beige hay bail fields now plucked into huge rolls. Lovely pretty muted color tone buildings with different ornate carvings on their fascia board and window sills with real and fake colorful flowers run […]

GERMANY Observations

GERMANY Giant wind towers lay across the land in every direction and it’s almost the only thing you can see from the autobahn RACEWAY. The highway is lined with tall trees making the drive rather boring since you can see almost nothing past those trees except for the wind towers and cars passing our motorcycle (as we […]

NETHERLANDS Observations

NETHERLANDS Yep, Anal cruises is what the sign read and the Boat guides T-shirt said FOR LOVERS…so I am thinking, well, let’s not go there. Lunch you ask, well we ate a sample of something like soft salami at the grocery store and decided it was yummy and bought it, but later realized it may […]