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OREGON USA Observations

Oregon’s landscape is dense evergreen and deciduous forests and colorful plethora of wild edible berries, mushrooms and other natural herbs. The majestic volcano-studded Cascade Range is on one side and the high desert prairie and meadows of the Great Basin on the other side. At 11,249 feet (3,429 m), the ‘very visible from a distance’ Mount Hood […]

ENGLAND Observations Part 1

My feelings about England…hmmm…it’s either a smaller version of America or America is a larger version of England (the latter more likely since they rode their boats over) but it’s about as close as you are going to get to our native states and language. Other than their historic buildings, a few cultural political correctness […]

MONTENEGRO Observations

If ever I was taken surprise by a country, I’d have to say MONTENEGRO (meaning Black Mountain) tops that list. I just could not believe how beautiful this place was. I knew very little about this low profile country except for a TV show I saw about a couple that moved from the USA to Montenegro […]

KOSOVO Observations

Most people have no idea where KOSOVO is on a map or what language is spoken or the history of that country. It’s complex, it’s tense and it’s poor by European standards with high unemployment, and still trying to recover from past conflicts….BUT, I have to say it has some of the most incredible Autumn Mountain Vistas I have […]

SLOVENIA Observations

BAM went the tire, dang it….a flat….and that is the first thing that happened the minute we arrived in Slovenia across the border from Zagreb, Croatia! HOWEVER along came Prince Charming and he not only stopped and fixed our tire but I even got a picture of him with my world traveling friend Kathy in her mandatory ‘road side’ glowing vest!! […]

JAPAN Observations

This is The First Part of a series of stories about Japan…I just could not get it all in one simple story because Japan is so wonderfully complex and beautiful and historic and and and… so I decided to share a few stories. Be patient as I try to break them down into parts for you to read! I […]

SINGAPORE Observations

The first thing people always remember when they hear the word SINGAPORE is that chewing gum is illegal! I can’t even count how many times I have heard that over the years but that city and country is soooo much more than that! It’s Big, it’s Clean, it’s Hustling and has a bit of a Las […]

MACEDONIA Observations

Straight from the border of Greece, myself and my motorcycle driver and ‘Brit friend’ Mark, drove right into MACEDONIA with the color palette of fall beginning to glow before our eyes. An old Yugo-Citron 2CV Zastava zipped passed us rattling up a storm of dust as the driver gave us the stink eye as we […]

BALI Observations

The beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia kneels before the gods of survival, trade, and the tourism industry. It’s the place of millionaires and beggars, religions and demons, locals and expats, beach resorts and Ma & Pop shops. Each block brings about the scent of decay and jungle, satay and fried rice, and the wafer of incense and […]

CROATIA Observations

STOP……WAIT……just HEAR what I have to say……CROATIA is stupendous! Dear Readers, Please forget about your dated misconceptions and presumptions about the misfortunes and casualties this country faced during it’s last war. It’s been over two decades now…GET OVER IT!! Most of what the newspapers shared was like in any media, played out for ratings and the […]

ITALY Observations

Ahhhh che Bello! If ever I could pick the name of my fantasy lover, truly his name would be ITALY. I have fallen deeply and madly in love with this country and can feel it’s blood coursing through my ‘green, white and red’ veins and into my wildly beating soccer shaped heart. For the first time in my […]

GREECE Observations

Shhhhhhhh, l i s t e n………………….can you hear that? It’s the sound of GREECE with it’s music and dancing. It’s the Greek Gods having their way with me…stirring me up inside with feelings of music, dance, food, sites and sounds. I have fallen hard for you, My Greece. JUST ONE gaze of your beautiful coastline, rocky […]

TURKEY Observations

Turkey, my new friend, you are the MOST interesting character yet! Your countryside resembles an agricultural tapestry laid out like magic carpets for as far as your vision can take you. What vibrant colors you have…from that bright creamy terracotta dirt to your mouth watering Biber RED paprika sauce to your multi colored dazzling silk scarves and vivid green grass valleys. […]

ROMANIA Observations

Oh Romania…how you impressed me with your quaint charm! Like your colorful character houses filled with flower gardens and vegetable paths. I loved the way your old world is still breathing and the present hasn’t changed your past. I feasted on the way your elderly were clothed in traditional ‘old country’ dress in dark greens, […]

SERBIA Observations

oH SERBIA, SERBIA, SERBIA….how shall I explain you? With your cryptic CYRILLIC letters and signs, your old rustic eastern block cars and traditional country dressed seniors…women with scarves and men in old caps, your old-world charm vs modern day amenities is such a contradiction of sorts. The topography yields to changes around every corner…from flat and featureless […]