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JAM Split, Croatia, TO JE TO PUB

SPLIT, CROATIA  ~  TO JE TO PUB This little gem sits in the heart of Old Town near the Diocletian Place and the famous Split Fish Market. They have also opened a Mexican restaurant called TO JE TACO and it’s one of the few in Split! Stop by for a Pint of local brew or […]

When she says Goodbye – A Truth Story

What You Gonna Do When She Says GoodBye? So…Ms. Harmonica has been traveling carefree for several months now, on the back of a motorcycle, sometimes on the infamous German Autobahn…sometimes on the village trails and back roads of the not so distant past eastern block countries that were once verboten to us all. But, it […]

Top 10 things I learned traveling

TOP 10 Things I learned while traveling 1. Success does not define you by how much money you leave behind after you die. It’s how you lived and used the money you had to define and live your true self. 2. You can plan, design, organize, worry, fantasize, and contemplate all you want, but ultimately […]

TURKEY Observations

Turkey, my new friend, you are the MOST interesting character yet! Your countryside resembles an agricultural tapestry laid out like magic carpets for as far as your vision can take you. What vibrant colors you have…from that bright creamy terracotta dirt to your mouth watering Biber RED paprika sauce to your multi colored dazzling silk scarves and vivid green grass valleys. […]

ROMANIA Observations

Oh Romania…how you impressed me with your quaint charm! Like your colorful character houses filled with flower gardens and vegetable paths. I loved the way your old world is still breathing and the present hasn’t changed your past. I feasted on the way your elderly were clothed in traditional ‘old country’ dress in dark greens, […]

JAM Amsterdam, Netherlands, BOURBON STREET

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS  ~  BOURBON STREET RHYTHM & BLUES Although I was not able to make this jam because of conflicting travel dates, it got great reviews! This seemed like a decent neighborhood and a cool venue from the outside. I didn’t have a chance to go in, but was a central location within the tourist zone…contact […]


SPLIT, CROATIA  ~  KAVANA OVCICE I LOVE KAVANA OVCICE!!! It’s so cooool when you find an unexpected jam in an awesome location full of incredibly talented musicians! This Cafe and Bar sits right on the Adriatic Sea and has the perfect outdoor patio and venue on those warm summer nights. Inside is one mid-size area with […]

VEHICLES that make you go Hmmm?

VEHICLES can catch you eye along the roads in your travels….from horse drawn carriage to a rustic soviet car! I found it charming and funny at times. Here are just a few I saw in mostly Eastern Europe. Just CLICK on a photo to enlarge then the back button!

SIGNS that make you go Hmmm?

Sometimes when you travel, you come across a gem of a sign and it may be the sign itself, or where it’s located, or what it’s meaning is! Here are a few across 15 countries in Eastern Europe! Just CLICK on a photo to enlarge then the back button!


ISTANBUL, TURKEY  ~  JAM SESSIONS TURKEY AT KOLEKTIF HOUSE BAM…What a jam!! These Turks really know how to throw a jam of local Talent! This jam was at the KOLETIF HOUSE (a kind of warehouse for events) but on occasion they switch it up to other venues. It was probably the biggest jam I have ever […]

Can I afford to travel? – Travel Tips

Written by Mr. Mark, our JamFriend and contributing freelance travel writer and world traveler. Note: Mr. Mark’s British English shines through his writing, so you can almost hear his accent in his Proper British spelling! You might be reading Ms Harmonica’s blog thinking “I would love to go travelling for longer than the usual one or two […]

JAM Novi Sad, Serbia LAZINO TELE

NOVI SAD, SERBIA ~ LAZINO TELE This bar has Jam Sessions on and off, but continual live music weekly, so be sure to check their website information. I got to sit in with a super local band called TRIANGLE….seasoned musicians playing a mix of music! Although I had missed their jam, sometimes locals are just cool […]

SERBIA Observations

oH SERBIA, SERBIA, SERBIA….how shall I explain you? With your cryptic CYRILLIC letters and signs, your old rustic eastern block cars and traditional country dressed seniors…women with scarves and men in old caps, your old-world charm vs modern day amenities is such a contradiction of sorts. The topography yields to changes around every corner…from flat and featureless […]

SLOVAKIA Observations

SLOVAKIA As we drove through Czech Republic and into SLOVAKIA there was not much of a notable difference in scenery (a very short driving distance from the border), but as you got closer to Bratislava, the country began to take on more shape. The people character differences’ with soft brown or ginger hair, shorter in height, and […]


BUDAPEST, HUNGARY  ~  SZIMPLA KERTMOZI You walk into this place and pOW bANG bAM it’s full of all kinds of crazy stuff! Although I missed this jam by a couple days, I decided to check out this JamJoint and see what all the hoopla was about. The semi in and semi out club (the only […]