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Lumberjack Mosquitos – Laughable Story of Rhythm

Being a night owl has it’s comical perks. Sometimes on the rare occasion you get a giant stomach crumpling belly laugh that makes you buckle over and sends you into a flowing river of laughing tears! Last night was one of those *rare* occasions! The night got Ripe pretty quickly on! But man what a killer view […]

ITALY Observations

Ahhhh che Bello! If ever I could pick the name of my fantasy lover, truly his name would be ITALY. I have fallen deeply and madly in love with this country and can feel it’s blood coursing through my ‘green, white and red’ veins and into my wildly beating soccer shaped heart. For the first time in my […]

JAM Padova, Italy ZU-BAR CAFE

ZU-BAR CAFE  ~  PADOVA, ITALY This is a nice place tucked behind some large buildings in a nice quiet location with a BIG courtyard and nice size patio. It has 3 sections that you can access and the jam is in the middle area. I imagine the summer would be wonderful in the patio sunshine. […]

INTERVIEW: Randy McDonald – Bass

INTERVIEW: Randy McDonald – Bass

RANDY McDONALD was born in Harrisburg, PA in 1959 and grew up in beautiful San Diego, California. He began playing the bass early on, becoming an “in-demand” musician by his teenage years. Randy’s range has been from straight-forward jazz to rock, blues, and R & B to soulful music! To this day he continues to play his way through […]

Mint Shoes – Laughable Story of Floss

You know how sometimes people say the strangest things…you listen giving them the benefit of the doubt until they mow you over like a lawn mower and you just have to stop, drop and belly laugh with WTF hanging off your lips…but nothing comes out cause you are foaming at the mouth with laughter. Well here […]

Gold One – Laughable Condom Story

I was having one of those in depth conversations with a local Italian friend “Nik” about languages and how words from all over the world are transformed into uses for other languages, and how Italians are notorious for this. We both had a good laugh about it when he chuckled out loud and began to […]


It was mysteriously foggy that late morning in the ‘Veneto Prefecture’ on my December Birthday Eve. The kind of baffling mist you see in movies where you can just see far enough to grasp what MIGHT lie ahead. I was on the ‘just warm enough’ 2nd class train heading to Venice to explore the city […]

RESIDENTIAL TRAVELING Part 2: How to prepare for living o...

RESIDENTIAL TRAVELING Part 2: How to prepare for living overseas?

Part 2: HOW DO YOU PREPARE? These are the questions I am asked ALL THE TIME…. HOW do you afford this constant travel and living overseas? HOW do you prepare for it? First of all you have to stop looking of it as ‘traveling like a tourist’ and more like ‘living like a local’. You still have […]

RESIDENTIAL TRAVELING Part 1: What’s it like living...

RESIDENTIAL TRAVELING Part 1: What’s it like living abroad?

Part 1: WHAT IS IT LIKE LIVING OVERSEAS WHAT IS IT LIKE? I am asked this all the time. HOW do I manage this constant travel and living overseas? The first word that comes to mind is PRIORITY, then sacrifice and elimination and finally CHOICES combined with planning, lots of planning! It’s not like you wake up one day, pack […]

INTERVIEW: Kedar Roy – Bass

INTERVIEW: Kedar Roy –  Bass

Kedar Roy played low brass wind instruments (baritone, trombone, tuba, etc) from 5th grade through high school. In College he picked up electric bass to join a friends garage band. A few months after that Kadar decided to get into the upright bass. Kedar has worked with Junior Watson, John Nemeth, Fred Kaplan, Kid Andersen, Kim Wilson, Rick […]

INTERVIEW: Jeff Pevar – Guitarist, Composer, Produc...

INTERVIEW: Jeff Pevar – Guitarist, Composer, Producer, Performer

Jeff Pevar is a guitarist, composer, producer, performer and multi-instrumentalist who has brought his unique style on stage and/or in the studio to such world renowned artists as Crosby, Stills & Nash, Ray Charles, James Taylor, Jimmy Webb, Carly Simon, Kenny Loggins, Joe Cocker, Jefferson Starship, Phil Lesh and Friends, Marc Cohn, Jennifer Warnes, Laura […]

FLORENCE GRAFFITI that makes you go Hmmm?

I LOVE ART, most any art, but I will be the first to admit that GRAFFITI TRASH ART when done by a young adult, with the intent to sabotage a nice neighborhood for no other reason than stupidity, or to promote gang violence or just mal-intent to deface historic buildings and figures, is totally unequivocally unacceptable to me […]

ITALIAN SIGNS that make you go Hmmm?

ITALY HAS THE BEST SENSE OF HUMOR, and here are a few pictures to prove my sentiment! These street signs can be found all over Florence and sometimes in other parts of Italy, but the Florentine’s have it down to a science! Italy is a walking art gallery, a way of life ….EVERYTHING is art in […]

GREECE Observations

Shhhhhhhh, l i s t e n………………….can you hear that? It’s the sound of GREECE with it’s music and dancing. It’s the Greek Gods having their way with me…stirring me up inside with feelings of music, dance, food, sites and sounds. I have fallen hard for you, My Greece. JUST ONE gaze of your beautiful coastline, rocky […]

JAM Florence, Italy, JAZZ CLUB

JAZZ CLUB ~ FLORENCE, ITALY JAZZ CLUB is a nice packed jam on a regular basis…lots of space on stage and in a quiet neighborhood near the city center. The club is 2 parts, bar area and back stage area. You walk down a short flight of stairs into a basement type space. Very Cool! […]