JamTrotting the Globe ~ Uniting Music, Travel & Cultures

My Backstory

The Vision


My Backstory begins in 1990, while living in Amagasaki Japan.  I started this VISION BOARD that laid out what I’d like to see in my FUTURE…I never got to finish it until one day I came across it in my art studio and decided to flop my musical equipment on it and take a photo. There my vision art lived on my desktop for several months until May 2014 when I decided it was time to make my Dreams A Reality. I wanted to put all of my talents into one endeavor, and that’s when The Traveling Harmonica came to my mind’s eye. I decided to sell my home, which I had worked on for 2.5 years in Portland Oregon, and downsized to LUGGAGE AND A STORAGE UNIT! BEST IDEA EVER!! And so my journey began and off I went into the world at large!

Although, over the years I had pleasure traveled to places like Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Mexico, I decided it was time to go WITH A PURPOSE and find my calling. So I headed out to California, North and South Carolina, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Italy and England and played every jam I could find with the most interesting and talented artist’s…who quickly became new musical acquaintances and contacts.  Which lead me to more musicians, more jams, more music studios and local musical and artistic festivals, concerts and events! Next I headed overseas for a trip around the world…and well…I never stopped traveling around the globe!

                          Thank You Universe for letting me live my dream!

From these adventures I compiled information for this blog to give other musicians, travelers, music lovers and artists a place of INSPIRATION and a know-how for the wanna-be JamTrotters and to show just how easy it is and how it can be done. I hope my followers have as must fun with this blog as I am! Off I go again….

Happy JamTrotting and Bon Voyage

I was on a Producers Milk Calendar....does this count as employment history?

Does a PRODUCERS MILK Calendar count  as                employment history?

My Credentials

Certified Flight Attendant 1992 ~ Carlsbad, CA
Certified Feng Shui 2002 ~ China/Taiwan
Certified Emergency Responder 2007 ~ Oregon
TESL Certification – Teaching English as a second language

Played Professional Harmonica/Vocals since 1997
Published: writer, graphic designer ~ magazines, radio, newspaper, text, advertising
Creative Director: events, festivals, concerts
Film Colorization: B&W films for Disney, Republic, Turner
Flight Attendant: Corporate Jet
English teacher: Osaka, Japan
Professional Organizer: Home, Office, Studio, Workplace
Freelance: artist, painter, designer, decorator, organizer, murals, graphics
I speak a little bit of 5 languages…or at least try, but my Italian is pretty good!!

PC Humane Society ~ Presenter on Emergency Kits for Pets and People
FOCCAS ~ Foster for Neo-natal Kittens
CERT ~ Community Emergency Response Team, Sherrif’s Dept.
There is so much more I could add to add to this, but I think this will give you an idea of my background in Art, Music, and Values!