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About Ms Harmonica

Ciao, I am Ms Harmonica, nice to meet you!

This guided website is my Inspiration and Creation for sharing travel, music and cultures together!  I am a World Traveler, Harmonica Virtuoso, Artist, Story Teller and JAMTROTTER that makes art, takes photos and videos, and explores Music Jams and Adventures all around the World!

I was born, raised and educated in California by Italian immigrant parents where I formally studied Art and informally studied Music. I have since traveled and played my way, with harmonica in hand, through 57 countries, 35 of the United States, living in 8 countries and 5 of those US states. I am a modern day Nomad, never resting my head somewhere for very long, but for now, California is my base.

"This journey is my home and my home lives inside the song in my heart"

It’s been my goal, for as long as I can remember, to travel, play and entertain, in every country with my so called ‘MAN’S pocket’ instrument BUT in a ‘WOMAN’S pocket’! From the Vatican in Rome, to the Grand Canyon in the USA, to the pyramids of Egypt, to the Opera house in Australia, to the temple steps of Osaka Japan to the 3 Gorges River in China, and the enchanting islands of the South Pacific to the tropics of Nicaragua…and on and on! It took all of my Woman Power and fortitude to make life happen….from sleeping on train benches, to backpack hostels, to stranger’s houses and mountainside campsites, to luxury cruise ships and 5 star hotels to motorcycle rides. But, I made it happen and played to anyone and everyone who would listen! I can even venture to say that my style has been influenced by various local cultural sounds and rhythms that I have experienced when JamTrotting and the MUSIC vibrated to the core of my soul.  It never mattered where I went, whether the natives understood my language or not, because the language of music is understood by everyone on this tiny Earth ship.

This website is meant to INSPIRE YOU, to get you off the couch and change your perspective! When JamTrotting, you support local music and art, PLUS you explore languages, cultures, politics, consumerism, friendship, SELF and the experience of wonder and adventure. So stop dreaming and take that ‘once in a lifetime’ trip or add another to your Bucket List! Let’s Jam!!

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